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Caneco Ep Alpi




Lighting systems that are designed and controlled using the Caneco EP software have low environmental impact because they generate less heat and there are no lamps to be changed, thereby saving costs. The Caneco EP software has the following distinctive features: Higher energy efficiency due to increased use of high-performance light sources, even in zones with low illuminance levels, by means of light distributions with greater area and higher illuminance. Power and light use optimization. In low-illuminance levels, the manufacturer can integrate high-performance light sources to provide light with reduced energy consumption, even when used in high-illuminance levels. Different light distributions and luminous fluxes in the illuminance range. The system of Caneco EP can be equipped with any type of luminous flux. Automatic operation without technical personnel. The user can control the lighting system from a remote location, eliminating the need for technical personnel to visit the installation. In the case of existing installations, the lighting system can be converted to the standard NF C 17-200, with no interruption of service. Energy efficiency and light output Technical data: History The caneco company was founded in January 2008 by José Luis Torres, while he was working as a Senior Electrical Engineer at the research unit of the CELGA company. In the time between 2008 and 2010, the company built and commercialized the first version of the software product for the design of lighting systems that meet the requirements of standard NF C 17-200. The main purpose of the Caneco EP software was to design lighting systems that increase their energy efficiency and decrease the energy consumed when the lighting system was used. In 2010 the European standard NF C 17-200-3 was released, and because this standard has the objective of establishing a standard for low and high voltage lighting systems, it was necessary to update the software version and offer a new release of the product. The caneco company started in 2010 a project with the aim of completing the work necessary to develop a complete new product for the design of low and high voltage lighting systems, based on the standard NF C 17-200-3, and offering new technological advances that had not been possible to achieve until then. In 2013 the company launched the new version of the Caneco EP software, that allowed the design and control of low and high voltage lighting systems, compliant with standard NF C 17-200-3. The main purpose of the Can




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Caneco Ep Alpi

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